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Longrunner e-Skateboard

$199.00 $499.00 saving $300.00
Longrunner e-Skateboard

Longrunner e-Skateboard

$199.00 $499.00 saving $300.00

Technical Specs

We sell the world's first affordable high-quality electronic High-Power Skateboard. This is a long-range, high-speed board for everyone.

We used the most efficient and maintenance-free 200W Motor that speeds the board up to 15-20 km/h - attach our SmartExTender BackPack and your speed will go up by 40%. The strong included Lithium-Ion 24V 2.2A Battery guarantees a range up 10 km (or 40km with the SmartExTender).

The remote gives the user a seamless acceleration, very smooth starting and breaking process.

Your board comes with Battery, Remote-Control and a User-Manual.

  • Long Range (up to 10km)
  • Fast (up to 20km/h)
  • Ecofriendly & Waterproof Motor
  • Finest Marble Wood & HiCapacity, HiEnergy, HiDensity Battery
  • 200 Wh per kg & 210 Ah per kg
  • HighSpeed Mode & LongRange Mode

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Specs of the Board
  • High-quality cast axis
  • PU - Powerwheels with maintenance-free ball bearings
  • High quality brushless outrunner motor
Wireless remote control with numerous functions:
  • Proportional acceleration and braking function
  • Two speed modes
  • Dual direction selectable
  • USB connection for convenient recharge of internal battery
Motor specs:
  • Totally maintenance-free, ultra high efficiency brushless DC hub motor
  • Large motor surface to ensure optimal cooling
  • Dirt- and Dust-proof, waterproof motor (you should dry it though)
  • Extremely strong neodymium permanent magnets
  • Built-in hall sensors for extremely smooth acceleration
  • Reintech 60-system with integrated wireless receiver,
  • High-efficiency mosfets,
  • Battery charge indicator
  • Acoustical feedback of battery condition during riding
Battery specs:
  • Built-in battery management system to ensure safe charging / discharging
  • High voltage battery for high performance: 29,4V
  • 7S1P lithium battery pack, 7 cells in series
  • High energy density: 145 Wh / Kg
  • High power density: >1 KW / Kg
  • Low battery weight: < 50g / cell#
  • Battery expansion port: Add your second battery pack to increase range
  • Ultra-LongRange Battery

    The High-Power Lithium-Ion PowerBattery gives your LongRunner eBoard a range of apprx. 10 km - depending on your weight. The SmartExTender BackPack gives a range of up to 40km!

  • Super Fast Brushless Motor

    LongRunner features an ultimate strong and fast Ultra-Brushless-HUB Motor which speeds your board up to 20 km/h. The SmartExTender BackPack even allows an additional 40% speed boost!

  • Easy to Ride for Everybody

    The LongRunner can be driven by anyone: Kids can use the slow-mode, youngsters and speedsters may choose the high-speed mode on the remote!

  • 100% Happiness Guarantee

    LongRunner will always work. If not, we will replace it*