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What do other people think about the Longrunner™? This is what people had to say on our first field tests of the Longrunner™:

So worth it!
Used my Longrunner for the first time today! Finally, lazy me can skate to work!

– Andrea B. Teague on Longrunner™

Love it
It's a such a simple idea, yet such an improvement over normal boards I can't believe this isn't the standard form for boards already! Awesome

– Pascal on Longrunner™

Five Stars
Excellent, stylish and unique

– Kt on Longrunner™

Wonderful Idea for a Board
So far it's a great board and works as advertised

– aileensl on Longrunner™

Very good.
I loved idea.

– Julita Vasconcelos on Longrunner™

Beautiful, practical board

So practical could not imagine it until I received

– Philomena on Longrunner™

Ich bin total verliebt in meinen neuen Longrunner! Schick, schön, und genau was er verspricht! Viele Leute haben mich gefragt, wo ich ihn gekauft hab! Danke! :)

– Julia on Longrunner™