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If you have any questions or B2B orders, let us know at on@longrunner.net

Hi, I am Monte, an avid skateboarder and outdoor sports friend. I have been skateboarding for over 15 years and it is something I cannot imagine not doing. Since I am getting older now and moved into the city, sometimes the skateboard is just not convenient for the flat streets, by the time I get to work I am all sweaty and tired.

Getting through the busy streets is a difficult matter to deal with, a car is out of the question for me, so what to do when my skateboard is the perfect solution but leaves me tired and sweaty before the day even begins?

Enter my two buddies and skateboard enthusiasts Gregor and Paul: both guys have been riding with me for years, Paul is a designer from trade and Gregor is an engineer.

We spoke frankly about the situation and it turns out that many feel the same; when you get older, have a more serious career, a skateboard is not really acceptable any longer because it is associated with graffiti and unruly children for the most part.

We looked at at buying an E Board but at a minimum of 500 to 1500 Dollars, simply way out of our range, so we decided to see if we could build one less expensive for ourselves. After two years and two trips around the globe searching for the perfect solution, we now have it!

Presenting our masterpiece, the first truly affordable E Board: LongRunner

We are so excited to have been able to source the most affordable parts and in our workings with designers and engineers from Asia, Europe and USA, we have an excellent design that is simple, functional but most of all: long lasting and very cool.

We hand assemble every skateboard and have it tested for functionality, nothing is more important than the durability and reliability, with LongRunner you get both and it looks great!

Now we turn to you, the skateboard loving guy or girl who wants to get back on the board! In order to set up the first manufacturing run, we need 100.000$ to make sure we are not going to have to extend the campaign, delay or delete it, which happens often as some may know.

This money will be used for purchasing the components, testing, mounting, building and then testing the product that lands on your front doorstep very soon.

Join us on this fantastic journey; Great products need not be expensive products, everyone deserves to have fun, it is your turn. We will deliver in 4 weeks after we reach our funding goal, this is a promise: No extensions, delays or excuses why we cannot deliver…lets face it; when you purchase something, nothing is worse than waiting and waiting for it.

LongRunner: Get what you ordered at a great price you can afford!